How Do I Get the FemCap?

How do I get the FemCap?

You can order the FemCap directly through this website. Click here to go to the FemCap order page.

Additionally, the FemCap can be obtained through the following sources:

  • Some pharmacies (currently in San Diego County only. More pharmacies coming soon.) Click here to see the list of pharmacies in San Diego County.

For customers in the United States, a prescription is required form a health care professional.

Contact your physician or clinician of choice for a prescription for the FemCap. Your health care provider will determine the size you need and write a prescription for you. Once you have your prescription, return to this web site to place your order.

We’ll deliver the FemCap right to you. We will also provide an instructional video on its placement and use.

Need help locating a provider in your area? Click here to use the FemCap clinician directory to find a clinician near you.

If your clinician of choice doesn’t know about the FemCap, you can download this PDF to print and give them, or they can visit this site where we’ve got educational materials just for them.