Clinician Information

Clinician Information

The FemCap is an FDA-approved, non-hormonal contraceptive device that has proven effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies in women of child-bearing age.

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As a woman’s health care provider, you should help women choose the most suitable method for their age and lifestyle.The FemCap is the perfect choice for women who are seeking an alternative to hormonal contraceptives, invasive birth control such as the IUD, or the condom.

The FemCap is an FDA-approved birth control device. This cervical cap is made of durable silicone rubber, is flared to prevent dislodgement, and has a strap to aid in removal. The FemCap is held in place by the muscular walls of the vagina and does not have to be snug around the cervix or hinge behind the pubic bone. The FemCap has a brim that flares outward like an inverted funnel to direct sperm towards the groove that traps the sperm and exposes it to the stored spermicide; this is the major difference between the FemCap and the diaphragm.

Prescribing the FemCap is as Easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Patient’s Reproductive History
  2. Pelvic Exam
  3. Prescribe the FemCap – small, medium or large; use as directed.

Click here for the clinician’s protocol in .pdf format.

The FemCap does not require precise measurements or custom fitting. It comes in three easy-to-fit sizes (the inner diameter of the rim determines its size):

  • The smallest rim diameter (22mm) is intended for women who have NEVER been pregnant.
  • The medium (26mm) cap is intended for women who have been pregnant, but did not have a vaginal delivery (miscarriage, c-section or abortion).
  • The largest (30mm) is intended for women who have had a vaginal delivery of a full-term baby.

Why Prescribe the FemCap?

If your patient is suffering from the side-effects of birth control pills, is nursing, is simply seeking non-hormonal contraception, or does not like to use the condom, the FDA-approved FemCap may be the perfect birth control alternative.

The FemCap is safe, effective, easy to use, and easy to prescribe. Simply take a reproductive history and perform a pelvic exam to ensure that there are no abnormalities that preclude the proper use of a cervical cap and to determine the correct size to prescribe.

The FemCap comes with an instructional booklet and we provide online instructional videos. To ensure effectiveness and your patient’s peace of mind, you should schedule a follow-up appointment to check fit and placement.

Additional Information (Including health insurance codes regarding the FemCap)
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