Testimonials - FemCap™


“I love the FemCap! My husband and I have been married for 9 years. During the course of our marriage we have used the pill, condoms, a diaphragm, and most recently the FemCap.  I do not want to use a hormonal form of birth control and my husband and I found the diaphragm to be quite uncomfortable.  The FemCap is easy to use and pretty much unnoticable for both my husband and I. We have been using the FemCap for approximately 4 years. During that time we have been blessed with our youngest two children (we have 4 total) – and were able to conceive when we wanted and not conceive when we were not ready. I readily recommend it to my friends!”

-Danielle, Saratoga Springs, NY


“I have been using the FemCap for one month now. I have no problems installing or removing it and find it is easier to use after each time. My partner cannot feel it and we are much happier with the FemCap over condoms and hormone birth control. Thank you for this wonderful invention.”

-Kelly, Lakeland, FL


“I have had three full-term vaginal deliveries. I have been using the FemCap successfully for two years and have not gotten pregnant when I did not want to. I selected the FemCap for birth control because I did not want to take hormones. I have no side-effects from it and do not feel it during intercourse. I have no difficulty inserting or removing it. It takes approximately 15 seconds to insert it and 15 seconds to remove it. And my husband prefers the FemCap to other methods we’ve used.”

-Rhea, Chicago, IL


“I have to take a moment to tell you that the Femcap is a fantastic product that has really given me freedom! I have been using my Femcap for nearly a year and I cannot for a moment imagine returning to using condoms again. My husband and I prefer the real sensations that go along with using the Femcap that are impossible with the condom. Once I take a few moments to place the Femcap properly, neither of us can feel it when it is in place. It takes just a few moments to remove and is most convenient.

“As a health care provider, I am acutely aware of how few options there are for women who seek contraception without the problems that accompany hormonal birth control. For my patients and myself, Femcap is the best and only choice for contraception without the harmful side effects of hormonal birth control methods. I have yet to hear of side effects by any of the women I have recommended the Femcap to. Indeed, the only side effect I have seen is new found freedom!

“Not only will I continue to use my Femcap and recommend it to anyone looking for birth control answers, I would like to order myself another one! Thank you for continuing to provide women with a brilliant contraceptive option. I will always endorse the Femcap as my primary choice for birth control for my patients as well as myself.”



“I am very happy to be returning to the FemCap. I used it for about a year and a half before we started trying to get pregnant and it was 100% effective as birth control for us. I have both a latex allergy and a heart arrhythmia and there is only one brand of non-latex condom on the market and it is not an option for us. So, after having my first child I am ready to go back to using the FemCap. I love your product and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for such a wonderful product. It makes my life a whole lot easier.”



“My husband and I purchased the FemCap after my doctor recommended it to us. We loved using it! Neither one of us felt it during intercourse, and I didn’t have any side effects using it. After using it for several months, with great results, we decided to stop using it and try to have a baby. We now have an eight month old baby, and after using condoms for a while, WE ARE READY TO GO BACK TO THE FEMCAP! Thanks for the great product!”