About FemCap™ - FemCap™

About FemCap™

  • What is FemCap™?

    FemCap™ is an FDA-approved non-hormonal, latex-free contraceptive device. In short, FemCap™ is:

    • reusable for 1 – 2 years
    • made of non-allergenic, durable, surgical-grade silicone
    • designed to cover the cervix to prevent sperm from entering
    • proven in clinical trials to be to be over 92% effective* in the prevention of pregnancy.

    Why create FemCap™?

    Woman-controlled barrier contraceptive devices like the diaphragm or cervical cap provide a viable alternative to the condom and have a lower failure rate. We developed FemCap™ to increase choices of female-controlled contraceptives.

    The patented, award-winning FemCap™ is woman-controlled birth control that’s a safe and effective alternative to the pill, the patch, intrauterine devices (IUDs), other barrier methods, the condom, or other methods of contraception.


    The original FemCap™ was clinically tested in 1988 and further tested in clinical trials from 1995 to 1997.
    It was approved by the FDA as a safe and effective method of preventing or postponing pregnancy in women of childbearing age and approved for use in European countries in 1999.

    Although proven safe and effective in clinical trials, FemCap™ was improved for further effectiveness and ease of use. The second-generation FemCap™ was FDA-approved for use in the US market in 2003 and has been available ever since. Read more about the history of FemCap™ improvements.

    Women everywhere are deciding that FemCap™ is the best choice for their primary method of birth control. Why not find out for yourself? Try FemCap™ today!

    Meet the inventor

    Dr. Alfred Shihata, MD is the inventor of FemCap™ and FemmyCycle, as well as the President and CEO of FemCap™, Inc., headquartered in Del Mar, California. In addition to his corporate duties, he focuses on advocating for women’s reproductive health and the prevention of STIs/HIV. Dr. Shihata is also in the process of developing a novel delivery system for microbicide using FemCap™ cervical cap.

    Learn more about Dr. Shihata’s patents and research.

    Where to Buy

    Once you have your prescription you may buy your FemCap™ from your healthcare provider, online through our website, or at a participating pharmacy.