Dr. Alfred Shihata - FemCap™

Dr. Alfred Shihata

Inventor of FemCap™

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Alfred Shihata set his goal on a clinical as well as a medical research career. He divides his time between clinical practice in (women’s health) and research. He works to combine the clinical experience from patient contact with research that enhances the quality of his patients’ lives.

Dr. Shihata is a world-class researcher in women’s health specializing in contraception and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr. Shihata, the inventor of FemCap™ and FemmyCycle, serves as the President and CEO of FemCap™, Incorporated, headquartered in Del Mar, California, where he lives with his wife. He currently focuses on advocating for women’s reproductive health and the prevention of STIs/HIV as well as developing a novel delivery system for microbicide using the  FemCap™ cervical cap.

Key Points

  • Subject Matter Expert, Published Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur
  • Primary Focus: Medical devices for women’s reproductive health, the innovation of devices and procedures for contraception and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Affiliated with Scripps Institutions of Medicine and Science, San Diego, California, USA
  • Received medical degrees from London, England, Canada, and the USA
  • Received training in United Kingdom, Canada and the United States
  • Holds six U.S. patents and numerous international patents, and has more patents pending

Dr. Shihata has over 30 years of experience in animal and human research.  He has been granted 13 patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Organization including patents for FemCap™ and a spermicide/microbicide that serves as a contraceptive and helps prevent the transmission of STIs/HIV.

Dr. Shihata is credited with the development of the following medical devices:

  • Shihata Dual Balloon Catheter Set
  • Shihata Percutaneous Knife
  • FemCap™ Non-Hormonal Latex Free Contraceptive Device, FDA approved on 3/28/03
  • FemmyCycle Eco-friendly Menstrual Cup, FDA Clearance on 11/15/ 2012


  • Patent #4,858,624 was issued from the U.S. patent office on August 22, 1998 for a new barrier contraceptive device (FemCap™).
  • Patent #4,989,618 issued on February 5, 1995 and #5,207,232 was issued on May 4, 1993, both these patents were an improvement and modification to the original FemCap™ patent #4,858,624.
  • Patent #4,295,464 was issued from the U.S. patent office on October 20, 1981 for double-balloon catheter to extract ureteric stones endoscopically. This device was used successfully in human patients for more than 10 years.
  • Patent #5,778,886 was issued on July 14, 1998 for a spermicide/microbicide to serve as a contraceptive as well as for the prevention of transmission of STIs/HIV.
  • Spain, Australia, Canada, Greece, Japan, and the European Union Countries issued patent 6-11 for FemCap™.