Mission Statement - FemCap™

Mission Statement

Recently, FemCap, Inc. CEO and Medical Director Dr. Alfred Shihata was interviewed by the SD Voyager. SD Voyager highlights inspiring stories from the San Diego area. In this interview, Dr. Shihata discusses his process of inventing the FemCap and FemmyCycle, his lifelong work in women’s reproductive health, and talks about the numerous benefits of both devices. Read the whole article here.

 This blog explores everything related to birth control, including modern birth control methods, sexual health, the fertility cycle and sexual pleasure.

Who We Are and Why We Do What We Do:

FemCap Inc. is a small American company that focuses on the unmet needs of Reproductive Health and Women’s Sexual Health. The titualar device, the FemCap, is a unique birth control device that fits over the cervix and prevents pregnancy.

The FemCap is made of medical grade silicone; a material that is non-allergenic, non-hormonal and extremely soft. It was designed to be placed directly over the cervix, fitting snugly at the very top of the vaginal canal to assure efficacy and comfort. In fact, the silicone material is so soft, and the shape is so precisely designed that the FemCap cannot be felt when in place by the person wearing it, nor by their sexual partner.

For this reason, the FemCap opens up the conversation around sexual pleasure as it relates to birth control; how sexually active individuals may explore different birth control options depending on how that option affects pleasurable sensation during sex.

Furthermore, because the FemCap is a non-hormonal birth control device, we concern ourselves greatly with the impact of hormonal birth control; how it negatively affects the body, the environment, and what alternative options are available for those who wish to be independent of hormonal interference.

The FemCap can be worn for durations of two days straight and can be removed or placed at any time during the month (except for during menstruation! For Menstrual Health visit our sister company www.FemmyCycle.com!) . It must be placed before sexual arousal and left in place for a minimum of six hours after intercourse.

Inserting the FemCap is a responsibility placed solely on the wearer, and with practice, can become as easy as inserting a tampon. The effect of the FemCap is instantly reversible. FemCap firmly believes that pregnancy prevention shouldn’t have long term effects on fertility. For all of these reasons, we honor the agency and autonomy of our customers by providing them a birth control option that has zero side effects.

Check in to FemCap’s blog as we explore any and all of the topics mentioned above including (but not limited to) the fertility cycle, pregnancy prevention, sexual pleasure, sexual health, bodily autonomy, feminist issues, and of course, effective and empowered birth control.

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