About Us

The award-winning FemCap™ is the ONLY cervical contraceptive prescribed in the United States. It has a unique patented design that looks like a cute little sailor hat for your cervix, which creates a barricade for your uterus & prevents pregnancy. FemCap™ is 100% hormone and latex-free, which means NO more unwanted side-effects.  You will love it’s flexible comfort & how easy it is to insert/remove. The FemCap offers you reliable and safe contraception for up to 48 hours! Just fit it & forget it! FemCap™ fits any lifestyle so that it won’t interrupt pleasure time! FemCap™ is the most natural choice in pregnancy prevention.

Simply FemCap™

The FemCap is a non-hormonal birth control device for those unable to use hormonal contraception. FemCap is a small device made with flexible medical-grade silicone that is inserted into the vagina and placed directly over the cervix before sexual intercourse. Entirely sealing off the cervix, the FemCap creates a barrier from sperm that would otherwise pass through the cervix and enter the uterus. 


The FemCap was originally designed in the 1980’s in response to the HIV epidemic, when  inventor Dr. Alfred Shihata had an epiphany: The best way to protect women and support their reproductive health is by working directly with the body and it’s natural physiology.  In this case, that meant targeting the place where protection mattered the most; at the cervix!