Choosing a contraceptive should not be scary!

Choosing your birth control doesn’t have to be scary! Better Birth Control100% Hormone FREEFemCapAt Your Cervix! Reproductive health is important and personal. FemCap provides a great option for non-hormonal contraception with no invasive procedures. You are in charge!https://youtu.be/M-lxrBfW1Os

Keeping Romance Alive

FemCap Featured in FutureofPersonalHealth.com! Keeping the romance alive between couples struggling to conceive can be challenging, especially when much of the blame surrounding infertility is placed disproportionally on women.    However, while the FemCap can be used as a birth control device, it can also be an incredibly valuable tool to help couples track fertility and assist […]

Spermicide: Is it Necessary?

“Do I need to use spermicide with the FemCap?”   We get asked this question ALL the time.     The answer is both simple and nuanced.   Spermicide is a contraceptive gel that kills sperm upon contact.  It is traditionally used by coating the walls of the vagina and cervix before penetrative intercourse. While effective, […]

Cervical Mucus – What is it and Why Should I Care?

Cervical Mucus – What is it and Why should I care?   Cervical mucus is a naturally occurring fluid that comes from, you guessed it, the cervix! The cervix is the entrance of the uterus at the very top of your vaginal canal. While it might not have the most appealing name, cervical mucus is […]

Introducing FemCap Expressions

Introducing FemCap Expressions At FemCap, we celebrate your creativity and we value your pleasure. We learn from your stories in your words and adjust to your needs. Welcome to FemCap Expressions , the new chapter of our blog in which we celebrate the voices of the FemCap community. As a company, we depend on the […]

Madeline Has a Date

short-Story, Fiction A brilliant beam of sun falls across Madeline’s bed as she wakes from a beautiful dream.  She can’t remember exactly what had happened in the dream, but she vaguely remembers it involving the top of a big green mountain, overlooking an endlessly expansive valley. The bright blue sky was full of large clouds, […]

The Origins of FemCap

back to all The FemCap’s Origin and the Hero Behind the Revolutionary Birth Control Device   The stories behind modernity’s most brilliant innovations typically start with one person’s potential significant impact, and FemCap’s origin story is no different.   While this revolutionary, user-friendly non-hormonal contraceptive device may seem unfamiliar, its origin dates back four decades. […]

Not All Birth Control is Created Equal

Not All Birth Control is Created Equal -A Helpful Guide to Comparing Contraceptives At FemCap, we believe everyone deserves access to effective, affordable, non-hormonal birth control!   We also believe it is revolutionary to offer you a birth control method that is user controlled, cannot be felt, is affordable and has ZERO side effects. But lastly, […]

Inserting The FemCap: A Step by Step Guide

Inserting the femcap step by step You’ve done it. You’ve taken a huge step towards taking care of your sexual health needs and ordered your first FemCap! Woohoo!!! Your life is about to change, and you should take a moment to congratulate yourself for doing something for your own pleasure, your own health, that might […]