Cervical Mucus - What is it and Why should I care?

Cervical mucus is a naturally occurring fluid that comes from, you guessed it, the cervix! The cervix is the entrance of the uterus at the very top of your vaginal canal. While it might not have the most appealing name, cervical mucus is the single-most reliable source of information when tracking your fertility!
Already a bit confused? No worries! It’s helpful to understand that there are only a few days in the month when you are fertile! It is a myth that you can get pregnant at any time of the month. Fertility Tracking, or the Fertility Awareness Method, is a practice that allows you to collect information from your body to determine the exact days of the month in which you are or are NOT ovulating. This method is super helpful and empowering to those wishing to conceive and to those who really, REALLY do NOT want to conceive! It can relieve stress by eliminating the guesswork. In short, Fertility Tracking is a form of birth control!
Cervical mucus comes in a variety of textures, colors, and consistencies. Spoiler Alert: You can actually determine the EXACT days you are or are not fertile/ovulating by analyzing the difference in textures, colors, and consistencies! Pretty amazing, right?
The first necessary step in analyzing the cervical mucus is to collect it. This process is MUCH more manageable with the FemCap. Because the FemCap sits snugly at the base of the cervix, it collects this magical fluid straight from the source, reducing your chances of confusing it for other vaginal discharge.
This practice is nuanced, but here is the gist:
BEFORE ovulation, the cervical mucus is gloopy and cloudy, with a lotion-like texture.
DURING ovulation, the cervical mucus is stretchy and translucent like an egg-white.
AFTER ovulation, the cervical mucus is dry and crusty (you’re welcome).
Then, of course, there is your period! Menstruation is the only time of the month that you cannot wear the FemCap.
This post is only to serve as an introduction to the magical powers of cervical mucus. We highly suggest using the FemCap as a form of birth control at all times of the month in which you are not menstruating and to use it as a tool to become more familiar with cervical mucus.
For more information on the Fertility Awareness Method, we highly recommend consulting Fertility Awareness Practitioners such as our trusted friend @kennabouvet!  You may also email us at any time: info@femcap.com