Frequently Asked Questions

FemCap™ is an FDA-approved, non-hormonal contraceptive device that fits directly over the cervix. Shaped like a sailor’s hat, FemCap™ is designed to remain in place during sexual activity to prevent sperm from entering the cervix.

This is a short video which describes FemCap™ design and use.

(Please note: the description video includes an audio commentary that may not be appropriate for public locations.)

To learn more about FemCap™ you can:

  • Visit FemCap™ resource directory, which contains links to articles and publications about FemCap™
  • View a 7-minute video demonstrating the use of FemCap™ (video is available in English, Spanish,German, Italian and Swedish)
    (Please note: the instructional video contains audio commentary and images that may not be appropriate for public locations.)

FemCap™ is inserted like a tampon and placed  over the  cervix prior to sexual activity.  The FemCap™ can be applied 15 minutes – 40 hours prior to intercourse. It must remain inserted for at least 6 hours after intercourse (so that sperm dies and can not penetrate cervix during removal); however, the FemCap™ must be removed  24 hours after intercourse. Detailed usage instructions are included with every purchase.
FemCap™ is easy to use. The average user can learn how to insert and remove FemCap™ in a few minutes, and master it’s use in a few days. With practice, insertion can be as easy as putting in a tampon.

For easy removal, FemCap™ has been designed with a convenient removal strap. However, in order to make the removal process even easier, you may choose to tie a cotton ribbon loop to the removal strap.

FemCap™ can be used as a continuous barrier; however, it should be  removed at least every 48 hours for cleaning even if no intercourse has taken place.  It should then be cleaned and dried thoroughly before reinserting  for another 48 hours.
After intercourse, the FemCap™ must stay in place for at least 6 hours.. The 6 hour period allows for the sperm that was collected by the FemCap™ to die before removal.
Prior to reinsertion, simply clean and thoroughly dry FemCap™.

In clinical trials, the effective rate of the second generation FemCap (the only cervical cap approved by the FDA) has been proven to be over 92% successful in preventing pregnancy when used with the recommended spermicidal gel. Only one pregnancy occurred among the 85 women who completed eight weeks of the study to test the second-generation FemCap. Based on this study, the typical failure rate of the second-generation FemCap was estimated to be 7.6 per hundred women per year.

For more information on the effectiveness of FemCap, please visit the following resources:

FemCap™ is a hormone-free.  FDA-approved clinical trials indicate that there are no known local or systemic side effects from the use of FemCap™.

Although, FemCap™ doesn’t require custom fitting. U.S. residents must obtain a prescription. Your clinician will determine which size you need based on your obstetrical history.

FemCap™ comes in three sizes (22 mm, 26 mm, & 30 mm).

The 30 mm (Emerald); which  was designed for women who have given birth vaginally.

The 26 mm (Sapphire) was designed for women who have been pregnant; but did not deliver vaginally (delivered by C-section or experienced a miscarriage or abortion).  

The 22 mm (Pearl) was designed for women who have never been pregnant, (this includes no miscarriages or abortions.)

The First Generation FemCap™

The first generation of the FemCap™ (with no removal strap) was clinically tested in 1988; the preliminary clinical trial was published in 1991 and co-authored by James Trussell, Ph.D of Princeton University.

The pivotal clinical trials were also conducted with this earlier version of FemCap™ in ten universities in United States from 1995-1997.

Despite the fact that this earlier version of FemCap™ was proven to be safe and effective in the pivotal clinical trials, we have learned that this first-generation device had two drawbacks.

First, poor effectiveness rate of specifically the large 30 mm FemCap™ that is designed for women who delivered vaginally due to frequent dislodgement, and Second difficulty with the removal of FemCap™.

  1. To compensate for the poor vaginal tone in women who delivered vaginally, FemCap™ Inc. increased the dimensions of the brim (pointed by the arrows) on the large 30 mm FemCap™. This increased the surface area of contact between the brim and the vagina. This also increased the stability and minimized dislodgment, thus enhancing effectiveness of FemCap™ in women who delivered vaginally.
  2. Added a strap over the dome of FemCap™ to facilitate removal.

The Second Generation FemCap™

The second generation FemCap™ with the removal strap is the only device approved by the FDA for marketing.

To further enhance the effectiveness of FemCap™ the FDA:

  1. Strongly advised women to insert FemCap™ prior to sexual arousal, every time to ensure correct placement over the cervix.
  2. Recommended that women may use a back up method during the learning phase of FemCap™.
  3. To use Emergency contraception as a back-up method if needed, in case the woman has not used FemCap™ or used incorrectly.
  4. Use the instructional video to supplement the verbal and the written instruction.


The Second generation FemCap™ with the removal strap is the only device approved in European countries in July 1999 and by the FDA in March 2003 for marketing. FemCap™ has not withdrawn from any market for any reason

FemCap™ does not interrupt spontaneity or reduce sexual pleasure for either partner. It is inserted before any sexual arousal. Due to FemCap™’s unique design and soft composition, the woman cannot feel it at all, and the male partner rarely even notices that it is there.

NO, the lubricating fluid comes from Bartholin Gland which is in the labia not the cervix so the FemCap will not interfere with any natural lubrication.

No. The FemCap™ is specifically designed with a longer brim that prevents it from being dislodged during intercourse. In order to accommodate different sexual positions, FemCap™ is designed to rotate. As long  as the FemCap™ is properly  inserted,  the FemCap™ ensures that the cervix remains covered throughout the sexual act.


FemCap™ CANNOT be used during menstruation,

The it fits over the cervix and would impede the natural flow of menstrual fluid.

We recommend that you use another form of contraception (like condoms) during your menstrual cycle.

FemCap™ is different than the diaphragm in many ways.

  • FemCap™ is made of a single piece of 100% surgical grade silicone, the diaphragm is made of silicone and metal
  • FemCap™ is specifically designed to conform to the anatomy and adjust to changes during intercourse, whereas the diaphragm does not.
  • FemCap™ is designed with an easy-to-use removal strap for additional safety during removal. The diaphragm does not have a removal strap and removing the diaphragm can result in abrasions.
  • FemCap™ provides up to 48 hours of continuous protection; the diaphragm must be removed after 24 hours

For more information on the differences between FemCap™ and the diaphragm, see the chart below:

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