One Sized Does Not Fit All!

The FemCap™ comes in three different sizes: Pearl, Sapphire and Emerald. Selecting the correct size is very important for the device to function properly in your body. The size FemCap™ that is right for you is based on your obstetrical (pregnancy) history.

How to determine which FemCap™ is right for you

Your obstetrical history is otherwise known as your pregnancy history and if you have given birth or not. You can determine the FemCap™ that is right for you very easily!

Selecting FemCap

Choose the Pearl 22mm If you have NEVER been pregnant. *(If there is any uncertainty on whether you have been pregnant, we reccomend you order the 26mm Sapphire.)

Choose the Sapphire 26mm If you have been pregnant but did not deliver vaginally.

Choose the Emerald 30mm If you have delivered a full-term baby vaginally.

Please review your prescription carefully to ensure that you order the correct size.