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FemCap: the reusable, non-hormonal, latex-free contraceptive. Includes carrying case and detailed instructions.

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FemCap™ is is a reusable, non-hormonal, latex-free contraceptive device. In short, FemCap™ is:

  • reusable for a year
  • made of non-allergenic, durable, surgical-grade silicone
  • designed to cover the cervix to prevent sperm from entering
  • proven in clinical trials to be to be over 92% effective in the prevention of pregnancy.

FemCap™ is woman-controlled birth control that’s a safe and effective alternative to other methods of contraception such as the pill, the patch, intrauterine devices (IUDs), other barrier methods or the condom.

To purchase FemCap™, you need a prescription from a health care professional, but FemCap™ does not require custom fitting. FemCap™ comes in three sizes based on your obstetric history. Your health care provider will determine the size that’s best for you.