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What is FemCap™?

Ever wonder what FemCap is, what a cervical cap is and how it can help you prevent an unintended pregnancy?

FemCap is an FDA approved, reusable, hormone-free, latex-free contraceptive device that is 100% female controlled. Meaning, women are now in full control about their barrier method of contraception for up to 48 hours!

Yes you heard that right…FemCap can be inserted into the vagina and worn for up to 48 hours prior to intercourse!

Allergic to latex? No problem because you can use FemCap without a risk for allergic reaction! The FemCap is made from a non-allergenic and durable surgical-grade silicone and is intended to be used with an over-the-counter spermicide for maximal pregnancy protection.


FemCap is also cost effective, needing to be replaced every 1-2 years or as needed and may be covered by your insurance policy! Contact your individual insurance policy to see if you have coverage for a cervical cap.

FemCap costs less than $8.00/per month for unlimited use.


FemCap  is an effective way to prevent pregnancy when used in conjunction with spermicide. In clinical trials, FemCap was 92% effective in pregnancy prevention. Condoms can also increase the FemCap’s efficacy and also help prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.



Worried about comfort?

Not only is FemCap an effective birth control method but it is also comfortable for both women and their male partners. Most women nor their partners can feel the soft and flexible FemCap when inserted properly! FemCap was designed to rotate and move with sexual positions, so feel free to get wild, try new positions and know you will still be protected!

Orgasms? Yes please….

FemCap does not contain hormones and will not affect a woman (or man’s) ability to achieve an orgasm, so rest assured, sexual pleasure will NOT be affected! In fact, some couples may enjoy sex more knowing their risk for an unintended pregnancy is reduced.

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